Our Latest Trail Meets the Ale Beer – Summit!

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Sandiway Ales is proud to introduce its latest real ale…Summit! (Coming Soon).

We’ve produced a single hopped 4.0% real pale ale and is the newest beer in our “Trail Meets the Ale” series.  Our Trail series continues in popularity and is now even better thanks to our newest creation.

Summit encourages you to “Reach for the Top!”  Our cyclist community always enjoys a challenge and what better way than to hit the “summit” of the gorgeous Cheshire countryside and UK mountain ranges.

Summit is the second in Sandiway Ales latest real ale series-Trail Meets The Ale.  A tribute to the great outdoors and our cycling enthusiasts….not to mention our true real ale drinkers!  New, exciting and great-tasting ales all available here at Sandiway Ales.  Don’t forget we’ve still got your classic ales here too such as, Hop Salvo, Hop Secret, Hop Schism and Hop Sepia.  While you’re here we’ve also got the first Trail beer in our series, Chainbreaker available too!


One Comment on “Our Latest Trail Meets the Ale Beer – Summit!”

  1. Great to see another new beer from you guys! Especially from the Trail Meets the Ale series as well! Looking forward to trying it out when it’s ready!!

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